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15% OFF your FIRST ORDER | code:FIRST15
15% OFF your FIRST ORDER | code:FIRST15

Bubblegum Pink Strengthening Nail Polish Travel Set


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  • Rejuvacote 1 Nail Strengthener Base and Top Coat
  • Forget Me Never (#555)
  • Miracote Quick Dry Through Top Coat

Rejuvacote 1 is a protective, nail strengthener, base and top coat. Our in-house chemists designed Rejuvacote to help people with nails that do not grow due to the exposure to outside elements and to improve nails affected by acrylics and gels.

Your nails will be unforgettable with this irresistible warm coral pink, Forget Me Never.

Miracote quickly penetrates and dries nail polish down through each layer to the bottom base coat, creating a resilient, durable seal and magnificent gloss finish over nail polish.

How to use duri nail polish and nail strengthening travel set:

Start off with clean nails.

First, use Rejuvacote 1 as a base coat.

Apply two layers of Forget Me Never.

Apply Drop'n Go to completely dry your nails in seconds.