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🎁 Free LIP PLUMPER with orders over $50 🎁
🎁 Free LIP PLUMPER with orders over $50 🎁


Duri Cosmetics was founded in 1994, as a salon-professional nail care and wax brand. For the past 20+ years we've been serving the professional nail community and now the everyday consumer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is your best seller? 

Rejuvacote 1, Maximum Strength Nail Growth System. Perfect for those looking for harder, longer natural nails. A product with thousands of reviews on Amazon

  • What is the difference between Rejuvacote 1 and Rejuvacote 2? 

They both exist for the same end result but made for two different scenarios. Rejuvacote 2, Nail Growth System for Sensitive Skin & Nails is made for those with any allergies, sensitives, extremely thin nails (such as after gel or acrylic removal). Rejuvacote 1, Maximum Strength Nail Growth System is for those that have breaking, splitting, or stunted growth of the nails. 

  • Do you need to use Rejuvacote 2 and Rejuvacote 1 together? 

They should actually be used separately. You do not need both. 

  • What is Durilaq Gel Effect Lacquer?

Durilaq Gel Effect Lacquer is a long lasting two-step nail polish system, the in-between of UV gel and polish. There is no UV light needed, Durilaq reacts with natural light to dry. The polish is not permanent and does no damage during removal. Durilaq Top Coat is what seals and extends the wear. 

  • What store can I purchase Duri products in? 

The best and easiest way to get your hands on Duri Cosmetics product is by purchasing directly through our website! . We can not guarantee availability in stores. 

  • Where are Duri products made and shipped from?

All of our products are made in the USA. Everything is shipped from our Duri Cosmetics warehouse in Brooklyn, NY within one business day after an order is placed.