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15% OFF your FIRST ORDER | code:FIRST15
15% OFF your FIRST ORDER | code:FIRST15

Brush’n GO Dry & Shine Speedy Top Coat + Drop'n Go Polish Drying Drops, 0.61 fl.oz. each


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Protect your nails from smudging by using Drop’n Go polish drying drops! Drop’n Go prolongs the longevity of your manicure, giving it a wet-look finish.

  • Apply a few drops with the dropper and you’re on the go!

Brush’n go dry and shine speedy top coat seals and protects your manicure. Brush’n Go extends the wear of your manicure with a gorgeous, glossy quick drying top coat.

  • New and improved
  • Glossy, wet-look finish
  • Extends life of manicures and pedicures
  • Clear, super fast drying time, non-chipping formula

How to use Brush'n Go:

    • First, Apply base coat to clean nails
    • Second, Follow with 2 coats of nail polish
    • Apply Brush’n go dry and shine speedy top coat as a finishing touch
    • Finally, Enjoy super glossy nails

How to use Drop'n Go:

  • After your mani/pedi clean your nails with nail polish remover
  • Apply base coat
  • Then, wear 2 coats of nail polish, seal the edges
  • Apply top coat, seal the edge
  • Wait one minute and apply one or two drops of  Drop’n go polish drying drops as the finishing touch over nail polish and top coat
  • Your nails will be smudge free to the touch in a matter of minutes