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Nail File "Mia"


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Shape your nail with the Sophie nail file to perfect your manicure. This medium grit nail file with have your nails beautiful with smooth edges.

  • Black super board wet/dry wood file
  • For shaping and smoothing all types of nails
  • 7″ length, Medium/Medium, 100 one side/100 Grit opposite side

Shapers - Coarse 80-150 Grit
For shaping rough edges or adjusting length of strong natural nails and artificial nails.

Medium - Medium 150-320 Grit
Great for shaping and smoothing all types of nails.

Finishers - Fine 320-900 Grit
Used in preparation for artificial nail application and final finishing steps.


How to file your nails:

First, to prevent tearing of natural nails, use a medium grit nail file.

File in one direction only. Hold the nail file flat against your nail tip and file.

Then, file the sides parallel to your nail.

Finally, file your nail to your desired shape.