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Miracote Quick Dry Through Top Coat, 12 Pieces Display


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Miracote is a powerful quick dry through top coat formulated with a new generation of low viscosity solvents that glide easily over nail polish. Miracote quickly penetrates and dries nail polish down through each layer to the bottom base coat, creating a resilient, durable seal and magnificent gloss finish over nail polish.

  • Formulated without DBP, toluene, formaldehyde
  • Prolongs life of your nail polish
  • Please contact us for a Pro price

How to use duri's quick dry top coat Miracote:

  1. First, apply base coat to clean nails.
  2. Then, follow with 2 coats of nail polish.
  3. Apply Miracote quick dry through top coat as a finishing touch.
  4. Enjoy super glossy nails

Display Dimensions: Height 5.25" w/header, (3.125" w/o header) x Width 5.75" x Depth 4.25"