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15% OFF your FIRST ORDER | code:FIRST15
15% OFF your FIRST ORDER | code:FIRST15

Ruby Holiday Polish & Quick Dry Travel Set


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Be holiday-ready with this Ruby Value Set


  • Miracote Quick Dry Through Top Coat
  • Sex In The City (#398)
  • Drop’n Go Polish Drying Drops

Miracote quickly penetrates and dries nail polish down through each layer to the bottom base coat, creating a resilient, durable seal and magnificent gloss finish over nail polish.

Get into the holiday spirit with magic and warmth by wearing Sex In The City, a gorgeous burgundy glitter nail polish.

Protect your nails from smudging by using Drop’n Go polish drying drops! Drop’n Go prolongs the longevity of your manicure, giving it a wet-look finish.

How to use duri nail polish and quick dry travel set:

Start off with clean nails.

Apply two layers of Night Before Christmas.

To quickly dry your nails and to add a shiny top coat, apply Miracote.

If your nails are still wet, apply Drop'n Go to completely dry your nails in seconds.