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Coral Pink Nail Polish & Nail Treatment Travel Set


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Look sophisticated and have strong pink nails with Coral Pink Travel set with the retail value of $32.


  • Rejuvacote 2 Nail Strengthener Base and Top Coat – Sensitive formula
  • Coral Conquest (#74)
  • Herbatherapy Cuticle Treatment Drops

Rejuvacote 2 is a protective, nail strengthener, base and top coat. Perfect for acrylic and gel affected nails. Re-gain nail strength from harsh removal of products. Formulated without DBP, toluene, formaldehyde.

Kick start a new routine with Coral Conquest, a shiny warm and bright coral nail polish.

Herbatherapy is an organic remedy infused with green thyme stems, natural oils and herb extracts.

How to use duri nail polish and nail treatment travel set:

Start off with clean nails.

First, use Rejuvacote 2 as a base coat.

Apply 2 layers of Coral Start.

If you desire to wear a top coat, apply one layer of Rejuvacote 2 as a top coat.

Use a few drops of Herbatherapy directly to the cuticles to moisturize when your nails are dry.