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Fall Fashion Forward: Shake Things up With Nail Shapes!

Just like your hairstyle, clothes and makeup, it is easy to get into a rut of doing the same thing with your nails, mani after mani. But fall, with its bold fashions and back-to-business vibe, is a great time to shake things up with a mani makeover. And nothing shakes up your mani like a fashion forward nail shape!

So what fashion statement would you like to make this fall? Earthy? Edgy? Dramatic? Elegant? No matter what your style, there is a nail shape that’s sure to shake things up!

Earthy Shapes

Whether you work with your hands, care for others all day, or work in a field where drama is frowned upon, earthy nail shapes are practical and low maintenance. They allow you to get things done while still giving you a polished edge.

  • Rounded: Round nails start with straight sides, then follow the natural shape of the fingertip. Perfect for short nails that work hard.
  • Oval: With more extreme curve than round, oval nails taper a bit more at the tip, giving your fingers a slender look while still enduring the rigors of work.
  • Squoval: Giving you the flat edge of square nails without the sharp corners, squoval nails offer the best of both worlds: Long stylish nails that can take a beating.

Best Duri colors for earthy shapes: You can jazz up earthy nails with color to turn up the drama, but when you need to keep it low key, try Put on an Act, Mingle in Mauve, Yoga Girl, or Trending in New York.

Edgy Shapes

Make a point of showing your edgy side, and no one will mess with you. Brook no nonsense and take no prisoners with these edgy shapes!

  • Edge: Edge nails shoot straight up, then take a rad angle to form a pointed peak. Great for long nails that beg for nail art.
  • Arrowhead: Similar to edge, arrowhead nails round their way to a sharp point, much like the head of an arrow.
  • Mountain Peak: Like a stiletto, but shorter and pointier, mountain peaks are a little more rugged than their longer counterparts.

Best Duri colors for edgy shapes: Push the envelope to the edge with Masks On, Viva Strip Tease, Poison and Toxic.

Dramatic Shapes

If flair and panache define your fashion passion, attention-grabbing shapes put your nails center stage! Bravo, you show stopper you!

  • Lipstick: Shaped like square nails, but with a unique diagonal slant at the tip, lipstick nails look like a freshly opened tube of your favorite lip shade.
  • Stiletto: Characterized by a wide base that narrows to a peak, stiletto nails are perfect for long nails with artsy polish.
  • Flare: Flaring outward at the tips, flare nails are perfect for nail art that makes a bold dramatic statement.

Best Duri colors for dramatic effect: Encore, Paparazzi, Celebrity Scandal, and VIP Lounge.

Elegant Shapes

Elegance implies class, sophistication and the very best of taste. When you want to dress to impress, elegant nail shapes speak volumes.

  • Almond: As the name implies, almond shaped nails are filed along the sides, then the nail tip is tapered to end at a rounded, almond-shaped peak.
  • Ballerina: Think pointe shoes, and you get the gist. Ballerina nails are like stilettos, but with a square tip. The longer the better!
  • Square: Flat on top with straight, sharp corners, square is a great shape for short nails or long, narrow nail beds

Best Duri colors fore elegant nails: Black Caviar, Platinum, Uptown Girl, and Pinot Noir.
No matter what shape you choose, always keep your nails in shape with Duri nail care products, designed to give you strong healthy nails and soft smooth cuticles.

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