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Home For The Holidays

Home For The Holidays, a limited edition trio set.

What do the holidays mean to you? Family, friends, caring, sharing, celebrating! It's a time to come together, lean on each other, and cherish every moment. We created a nail polish set to fit the mood. The set includes: 801 Warm Wishes, 802 Sharing Is Caring, 803 No Wine-ing Here. Available separately as well. 

Warm Wishes is a dark brown color base with a dark red shimmer accent. Sharing Is Caring is a forest green shade with green shimmer. No Wine-ing Here is an eggplant purple. All three colors are full coverage. Formulated with non-toxic ingredients, made in the USA, shipped from our one and only facility in Brooklyn, NY. 

Learn about our family owned and operated nail polish company here 😊.

  • 803 No Wine-ing Here


    Limited Edition Holiday Collection  No Wine-ing Here is an eggplant purple full coverage, high shine nail polish lacquer. It's a classic winter sha...

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