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duri cosmetics brand new and improved nail polish bottle blog post

NEW Duri Cosmetics Nail Polish Bottles, Caps, and Brushes

Introducing new nail polish bottles for the Duri nail lacquer line! After much though we created a new bottle to represent Duri nail polish colors in a modern, sophisticated capsule for our amazing community. As usual, the bottles are one of a kind, molded specifically for our brand.

Our bottles come with new state-of-the-art brushes and caps! Soft to the touch caps and rounded flat brushes for a smooth no-clump application. 

The reason for the change is for you! Not only does the bottle embody a new modern look but we believe the color is shown better, with less shadows and indents.

So basically we're all new and updated and fancy now 😉. We are so excited for you to begin receiving them Summer 2021. 

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