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7 Tips to Prolong Your Manicure

It is amazing how a perfect manicure can boost your mood and self-esteem, making you feel pretty and feminine. Once you invest your time and money in a flawless manicure, it is only natural to want it to last as long as possible, without chips and breakage. To preserve your manicure and keep it fresh, try these seven tips!

  1. Bring your own polish to the salon. Despite the many hygiene measures taken by responsible salons, each bottle of salon polish is applied to numerous customers. Salons often dilute their polish to make it last, which may interfere with the color quality. And bringing your own polish will ensure that you have the exact color match for a quick touchup when needed.
  2. Prepare your nails. After old polish is removed and nails are filed and buffed, wipe them thoroughly with rubbing alcohol or acetone to eliminate any excess oil or residue. This will help the color to adhere to your nail bed.
  3. Begin with a base coat. The base coat adds a protective layer between your nail surface and colored polish. It smooths out your nail bed and provides a seal to which color will more readily attach. Using a strengthening base coat like Duri Rejuvacote will reinforce your nails and keep them from becoming thin and brittle.
  4. Allow enough drying time between coats. Give each coat, including the base coat, at least three minutes or more to dry. Thorough drying will prevent nicks and smudges, and will give your polish time to set. Do not blow on your nails to speed drying, as the moisture from your breath can actually interfere with the drying process.
  5. Paint the entire nail bed. Your polish should extend to the edges of your nail, sealing it so water cannot get in, and protecting the edges from chipping.
  6. Apply a top coat. The top coat protects your color and adds shine. Re-applying top coat every few days can give extra protection to your mani to prevent chips and prolong its lifespan.
  7. Protect your manicure. Wear latex gloves when washing dishes or gardening. Do not use your fingernails as tools to open cans or packages. And above all, do not pick or nibble at your polish or cuticles!

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