Tips On Rejuvenating Your Nails After Acrylic Or UV Gel

Fashion trends have driven ladies to great lengths & shapes for nails.  Acrylic has been around for decades, and UV gel has most recently been the popular choice of ladies for having perfectly shaped fingernails.  But these materials that look beautiful on the outside do damage to our precious nails.  Whoever said beauty is easy & painless? When we choose to let our nails breathe and look natural again, the chemicals have already made our fingernails weak & very susceptible to breakage, not to mention paper thin.  Ouch!  But there is hope in restoring health, strength, & beauty to our nails.

  1. Start by giving your nails a fresh start. Cut your nails short.  It is helpful to remove the nail that is damaged or dead as it will just break off anyway.
  2. Continue by using a nail hardener.  Rejuvacote by duri Cosmetics is a phenomenal product that helps to restore nails.  Apply it every day for two weeks.  You can apply nail polish over it & then re-apply Rejuvacote as a top coat.  Not only will it help prevent polish cracking & falling off, it will make them shine beautifully. The intensive strengthening formula contains keratin and calcium to mend split, weak, brittle, peeling and cracked nails.  After a few weeks, you will start to see your nails coming back to life. Once you feel your nails are healthy & at the length you desire you may reduce the application to once or twice a week to maintain optimal results.
  3. It is recommended to keep your nails shaped the way they grow naturally instead of doing the popular shapes of coffin, stiletto, or almond shape.  By  doing this, you will help your nails grow quicker & free of cracks & breakage.


To read more about Rejuvacote by duri Cosmetics please click on the link below:

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