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Beachside Glam

Beachside Glam Summer 2018 Collection

Duri has once again created an invigorating collection for Summer 2018 called “Beachside Glam”.

This new collection of 6 fabulous shades was inspired by famous beaches around the world.  The vibrant color pallet will color your fingertips with intoxicating shades that will have you celebrating the energizing glory of beautiful oceans, the transcendental rainbow of the summer sky and seductive Summer nights.

  • Malibu Surf:  This beguiling blue will have you daydreaming of sipping margaritas by the ocean.  This Summer sky inspired shade will make you feel fabulous.
  • Waikiki Hot: If you’re looking for flare, this glorious hot pink will surely turn heads!  Summer never looked so sexy.
  • Bondi Trendy:  This iconic red may just make you want to break the rules!  It will leave you feeling hot, hot, hot.
  • South Beach Fun:  Deliciously bright orange that transports you to modern art museums & trendy eateries along fashion forward shopping strips.
  • Lover’s Cabo:   A cozy coral, perfect to wear as you take in the sun at lover’s beach.  Warm and inviting, a splendid shade for the Summer sun.
  • Beachside Glam:  A sensual, lavender kissed pink. This beautiful shade looks like the sand at sunset. Warm and inviting, calming perfection.
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