Seven steps to strong sexy nails

The secret to perfect looking nails lies within, far beneath your nail surface. If you truly desire strong, sexy nails, it is up to you alone to make it happen. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps on a daily basis, and watch your nails grow from dry and damaged to strong, smooth and healthy.

1. Hydrate

Your body is upwards of 70% water, and even hard structures like your bones and nails need water to keep from getting dry and brittle. Saturating your body with water promotes healthy cell turnover, and speeds up the growth of healthy hair, skin and nails. Opt for pure filtered water with out chlorine and other harsh chemicals. If you drink bottled water, buy only volcanic spring water brands.

A popular misconception is that thirst is a reliable indicator for when your body needs water. However, by the time you feel thirsty, your body is desperate for fluids. To calculate your minimum daily water requirement, use this equation:

Body Weight in kg ➗ 30 = Baseline Daily Water Consumption

2. Nourish

Your nails are made up mostly of protein, and animal source foods like meat, fish eggs and dairy provide prime building blocks for healthy nail cells. However, if you are vegan, you can still get all the protein you need from plant sources if you are careful to select and combine the right foods. Micronutrients like biotin, magnesium and calcium provide important support for nail growth.

3. Massage

If you’re stressed out, a whole body massage may help, as stress can cause weak nails. However, we are talking about cuticle massage here. Your nails begin to grow from beneath your cuticles, as illustrated below:

Regular daily cuticle massage with Duri’s Herbatherapy™ will stimulate blood flow to your nail bed and nourish newly forming nail cells, to promote healthier faster growth.

4. Trim

Even nail technicians acknowledge that nails have an optimal healthy length. Just like hair, the length at which you begin to experience breakage varies from one person to the next. And just as trimming split ends keeps your hair looking healthy, trimming away dry split nail ends will keep your nails strong and resilient.

5. Soak

A good mineral soak once a week in magnesium-rich Epsom salts will enrich and reinforce your nail surface. Add a few drops of essential oils for an aromatherapeutic effect. In fact, a whole body soak in Epsom salts with benefit both your nails, skin and your muscles, especially after working out. Add lavender oil to sooth away stress.

6. Treat

Treat your nails as jewels not tools! Need to open a package? There’s a tool for that…it’s called scissors! Opening cans, removing stickers, scraping away dirt…think of all the ways you abuse your nails every day by using them as tools. Treat your nails like jewels by reaching for the right tools. Tearing and pulling at your nails weakens them, and surfaces harder than your nails leave damaging micro scratches on their surface.

7. Protect

The adage that an ounce of protection is worth a pound of cure is especially true when it comes to healthy nails. When gardening, washing dishes or performing other chores that expose your nails to dirt, water and detergent, wear protective gloves. Do not allow your manicurist to push aggressively at your cuticles, overly file your nail bed or deplete moisture from your nails by using harsh drying agents.

To protect your nails every day, apply Duri’s Rejuvacote™ to enrich your nail base with protein and keratin, and to provide a protective layer. Rejuvacote also works as an ideal base and top coat for polish. Being proactive about nail health is the only way to ensure that your nails will grow out long, strong and sexy.


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