Seven Spooky Nail Designs for Halloween Fun!

Planning for Halloween and putting together a costume is so much fun! But lets face it, wearing your costume for more than a day would be frowned upon. Your nails, however, are another matter! You can get away with sporting spooking nails for pretty much the whole month leading up to Halloween, so have some fun!

Try one or all of these spooky nail designs to put your friends and coworkers in a Halloween holiday mood:

  • Wicked Web: Spiders and their webs bring out the arachnophobia in just about anyone. Create your own wicked web with a solid base of color, then use a fine-tipped craft brush to carefully paint the web. For base shades, try Duri Bedeviled or Black Diamond. Create a contrasting web with White Russian or Apple Envy.
  • Monster Mash: Turn your nails into mini monsters with a solid base of Apple Envy. Use a craft bush to paint in features with Black Caviar, and add hair with Purple Rain.
  • Ghoulish Ghosts: Ghosts are a Halloween classic, but nails are much more fun than a costume made from a white bed sheet! Begin with a solid base of Duri Ghost, then paint on stitches for eyes and mouth with Black Caviar.
  • Poisoned Apple: Go ombre with a blend that brews up wicked fun. Lay down a solid base color in Duri Mystic Elements. About mid-nail, carefully apply a super thin coat of Black Diamond, then apply another darker coat toward the tip.
  • Scary Skulls: Skulls (and skeletons) bring bones to the party! Begin with a dark base coat like Black Diamond, Mystic Elements or Purple Rain. Use a contrasting color like Blanc, Bedeviled or Apple Envy to paint on bones.
  • Jack-O-Lantern: It just wouldn’t be Halloween without carved pumpkins! Begin with a base coat of Bedeviled, then use your craft brush to paint on features with Black Caviar.
  • Candy Corn: OK, not really scary, but definitely a Halloween icon, nails look awesome as candy corn! Begin with Summer Dream near the cuticles, add a stroke of Bedeviled at mid-nail, and top it off with Blanc at the tip.

To make your spooky nail design last, begin with a base coat of Duri Clear Base Coat, and protect the finished product with a top coat of Duri Miracote for extra shine. Happy Halloween!

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