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How to Get a Gorgeous DIY Manicure in 10 Easy Steps

Getting a salon manicure can be a luxury or a chore, depending on your schedule and the salon’s level of business. There are days when you can’t work a mani into your schedule, and other days when your inner homebody wants to just chill. In either case, you cannot just let your pinkies languish in chipped polish and ragged cuticles!

A home manicure can be relaxing and fun, and with a little patience, you can get a salon look in the comfort of your own home. Binge on a Netflix show, or listen to your favorite music, pour a glass of wine, and set your DIY manicure up for success!

Tool Setup

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Before you get started, make sure you have all your tools neatly arranged. You will need:

  1. nail file
  2. cotton balls
  3. nail polish remover
  4. Duri Cuticle Remover
  5. hand or body scrub
  6. hand lotion
  7. rubbing alcohol
  8. Duri base coat polish
  9. Duri nail color polish
  10. Duri top coat polish
  11. stiff eyeshadow brush
  12. Duri French Herbs Cuticle Oil

And don’t forget that glass of wine!

10 Simple Steps

Now that you’re all set up, it’s time to get to work. Follow these 10 simple steps for a salon-perfect nails:

  1. Remove old polish and any residue with nail polish remover, and apply Duri Cuticle Remover.
  2. Wash your hands in warm soapy water, then gently push your cuticles back with a rough towel (trimming cuticles is not recommended).
  3. Clip your nails to the desired length and then file them into your preferred shape. Be sure to smooth out any jagged edges.
  4. Gently exfoliate your hands and fingers with body scrub to slough off dead skin, paying extra attention to dry skin around your cuticles.
  5. Moisturize and massage your hands with hand cream or lotion.
  6. Use a cotton ball saturated in rubbing alcohol to clean your nails and remove lotion and oils.
  7. Apply base coat in a thin even layer.
  8. Apply a thin coat of color, spreading evenly, and allow to dry. Add a second coat and once again allow to dry.
  9. When nails are completely dry, add a top coat.
  10. Use a stiff eyeshadow brush dipped in acetone to clean up any polish that strays onto your cuticles, then moisturize with Duri French Herbs Cuticle Oil.

Voila! You have a professional-looking, vegan, cruelty-free manicure to be proud of!

The secret to home manicure success is to take your time, and to use quality products for a professional finish. Shop Duri’s cruelty-free, paraben-free nail care and nail polishes to strengthen your nails and to feel more confident with healthy, long nails.

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