Ready for that Promotion? Nail It with Professionally-Poised Polish Colors!

Your resume and job performance profile may make you the obvious shoo-in for a promotion or raise on your fast track to success. But unless you look the part, you may be passed over for someone with a more polished professional image. Wardrobe, hair and makeup are important, and so are your nails. If you want to be taken seriously, it is time to get serious about the image you project at work.

Black is Basic, Right?

Right. Except when it comes to your nails. Then it says Goth. Instead, pair a classic black suit or dress with classy and classic gray, like Duri London Calling, Iron Curtain, or Don’t Think Twice.

What About Red?

Red is iconic, and you can pull it off at the office, provided you pick the right shade. Stay away from bright and orangey reds, and steer toward more subdued tones, like Duri Parisien Tango, Burgundy Silk, or Red is for Destiny.

Green and Blue Hues?

Greens and blues are hard to pull of in a professional setting, but you may be able to get by with shades that show good taste, like Live it Up and Lure Me Blue.

Orange You Glad You Didn’t Choose Yellow?

Orange and yellow hues are pretty much office no-nos unless you stick to subdued classics like Tahitian Sand, Feeling Beautiful, Forces of the City or Hawaiian Honeymoon.

Is White Alright?

White polish can work in the office, as long as it is toned down. Opt for sheers like Duri Line and Lace, Ghost, or Less is More.

Never Lose with French and Nudes!

A neat french manicure, or polish in neutral shades of nude tell your boss you are in it to win it. Plus those choices go with everything, so you nails never clash with your wardrobe. Try Duri Trending in New York, Yoga Girl, Chic Chick, and Satin Treat.

Avoid at All Costs

Neon, glitter, shimmer and unusual bright colors draw negative attention and detract from your professional image. So do chipped polish and poorly maintained hands and nails. Even if you shun nail color, get a professional mani at least every two weeks to show the world you care about the professional image you project.

The nail care professionals at Duri are always working to create quality products that promote strong healthy beautiful nails. For a professional looking mani, use only the best products like those offered at Duri nail care products will take you from dying nails to nails to die for!

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