Nail Growth

Nail Growth

Duri Rejuvacote

A Path to long, strong, healthy, chip-free nails

Rejuvacote 1 and Rejuvacote 2 Base and Top Coat System was specifically created for professional use and proved to be one of the best nail strengthening products on the nail care market.

Rejuvacote was designed to give your nails an extra layer of protection.

We work, we do dishes, we clean and cook, we continuously use our hands daily. By doing all that and more, little by little we weaken our nails. They end up chipping, breaking, thinning and peeling. The contemporary market is filled with various ‘solutions’ from A-Z. After trying many options we came up with our own formulas. We decided to make the everyday woman’s life easier by creating a full nail treatment line. If you are looking to strengthen and grow healthy nails, look no further Rejuvacote is your final destination!