Why Do My Nails Keep Breaking?

(Amber’s Story)

Amber always had ‘problem nails’. Ragged and uneven, they barely grew beyond her fingertips before starting to peel and chip. She and her mother often looked for solution for this problem, but it seemed there was no magic elixir, no miracle cure, to stop her nails from breaking.

Discouraged, Amber sat at her dining room table and thought about her day. She had come to Los Angeles from her hometown in Indiana just months ago to pursue an acting career. Today, she just got a news that she signed with an agency. She was exited as she meat with her agent and started planning the next steps in her carrier. As she was getting ready to leave, she shook hands with her agent. Her agent looked down and looked at her nails. “My dear, you have to do something about these nails,” she said. “I have print ads, dishwashing commercials, moisturizing ads…I can’t send you out with your nails looking like this!”

Amber knew she had to do something before her nails cost her a major opportunity. Her mind flashed back again to even earlier times, when she and her mother would read books, consult doctors and browse the internet trying to find a way to keep her nails from breaking.

First they suspected that Amber needed more iron in her diet. They read about how iron brings red blood cells to nails, providing them with the oxygen they need to grow. However, they noted that one of the symptoms of an iron deficiency were white spots and depressions in the nails. She didn’t need any extra problems ….her nails just needed to grow healthier, faster and stop braking!

Then they thought that her use of nail polish remover could be the problem. They had heard about how non-acetone nail polish removers are less abrasive on the nails and work better. But when she tried using a few of the recommended non-acetone products to remove nail polish or even just a top coat… It took forever to remove and didn’t help make her nails stronger. She made a note to keep her use of regular nail polish removers minimal, but her research for problem nails continued.

Amber tried to eat better but it never worked. Then she found out that because nails are not living tissue, they can not repair themselves. Therefore, eating a healthier diet and taking multi-vitamins helps, but does not prevent nails from breaking. So, she decided to continue looking….

Of course, Amber tried to take care of her nails in other ways. She knew enough to protect them when doing household chores like gardening or washing dishes but often found herself forgetting to put on gloves when there were only a couple of dishes to wash or when she was cleaning up here and there around the house. Whatever cautionary measures she did take didn’t seem to be paying off.

breaking nails

She read about ways to file her nails correctly and cut them properly so that they were well rounded and did not break. However, Amber could only think ironically about such preventative measures. If only her nails grew to a point where she could even begin to cut or file them!

Amber knew that moisturizing her nails would be a good way to keep them hydrated. She knew that this would prevent the brittle dryness that was causing her nails to crack. Although she did rub moisturizers into her hands and nails, what the magazines recommended was a high maintenance process involving rubbing moisturizers into her nails after every time she washed them! Who had time to do that?

That’s when the answer occurred to Amber. It would be best if she could find a nail growth product that she could simply leave on her nails. Amber began to browse the internet to see what options were available to her.

Amber found many nail growth treatments, but one that stood out to her was Rejuvacote. It was pretty low maintenance…just a nail care polish that worked as base and top coat. Amber liked the fact that it had natural ingredients like wheat and soy protein that enrich and strengthen nails. She felt that this product would be non invasive, even if used every day as recommended. Rejuvacote nail growth system was reasonably priced and it had good reviews all over the internet. It had even won an award! She decided to go ahead and make an investment.

About two weeks after beginning the use of her nail growth treatment, Amber started seeing results. Her nails were finally growing to her fingertips and they looked much healthier in general. And it was a good thing too! Just days after that her agent called her in to audition for a jewelry ad that would heavily feature her hands. At the audition, Amber received many compliments on how nice her hands and nails looked and, more importantly, she got the job! Amber was so happy! Now she knew that her nails weren’t going to hold her back on her path to success!

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