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Nail Treatment Hacks When You’re On the Go

When you lead a busy productive lifestyle, it’s hard to get it all in. Finding time for personal grooming, fitness, friends, and family, all on top of a demanding career can leave you feeling overwhelmed and thinking, “Something’s gotta give!” Keeping your glossy manicure beautiful and your toenails tidy might seem like a timely feat but it doesn’t have to be.

Here are four simple hacks that can save you time while maintaining a long lasting low-maintenance manicure:


  1. Go Strong and Long: Neglecting your nails can make them thin and brittle, increasing the time it takes to keep them looking presentable. You can nip neglected nails in the bud by using a strengthening nail product like Duri Rejuvacote 1 & 2. Begin with just two coats on clean dry shaped nails, and then add a coat daily. Rejuvacote not only strengthens the existing nail bed, it nourishes new growth below the cuticle to help nails grow long and strong. And you can use Rejuvacote as a base and top coat. Apply one coat as a base, add two coats of color, and then add Rejuvacote as a top coat, repeating application daily. In just a few short weeks, your nails will be longer, stronger, more beautiful, and much easier to maintain!
  2. Keep up with Cuticles: When you neglect your nails, it is easy for cuticles to grow onto the nail bed where they quickly snag and become unsightly. A simple and easy trick to keep up with your cuticles is to gently push them back with a towel immediately after getting out of the shower or tub. Softened by the warm water, cuticles will give easily, without the type of damage that comes from cutting or pushing back with a harsh tool. Toweling only takes a few seconds, and after a while it will become a regular habit.
  3. Moisture is a Must: Treating your cuticles to nourishing moisture helps your nails grow out strong and pliable, not dry and brittle. Keep a bottle of cuticle oil near your sink, and dab a bit on each time your wash your hands, and again before bedtime. Use a nourishing cuticle oil like Duri Herbatherapy, or Duri French Herbs Cuticle Oil to encourage healthy nail growth. Remember, healthy nails are low-maintenance nails!
  4. Top off Your Polish: Skipping a top coat may save you some dry time in the short run, but your nails will chip and peel more quickly, meaning more exposure to polish remover that dries and damages nails. For a fast-drying formaldehyde-free topcoat that seals and protects nails from chipping, try Duri Miracote. Over the long run, skipping this important step will create more maintenance problems. And face it, chipped and peeling nail polish looks worse than no nail polish at all!

With dozens of beautiful colors to choose from and a number of carefully researched products to keep nails strong, healthy and beautiful, Duri makes nail care fun and easy with products that save you time and money. Don’t neglect your nails…nourish and nurture them with Duri nail care products!

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