Long and Strong: What Makes Nails Grow

There is no doubt that strong, healthy nails make your hands look nice. Whether you want your nails to grow longer or stronger, or both, there are several things that can affect how quickly your nails grow. While you might hope to grow your nails fast, in reality, most people’s fingernails actually grow quite slowly. Numerous studies that have been conducted to determine what affects nail growth have determined that there are a variety of factors that enhance or impede the speed at which your nails grow.

How Do Nails Grow?

Nails play an important role in the body by protecting your fingers and toes. Even though we cut the tips of our nails when we want to make them shorter, nails actually grow from the base of the nail bed. Nail beds are composed of layers of epithelial tissue, while the top layer or surface is made of more durable keratin cells.The rate of turnover of the tissue determines how fast a nail will grow. Nail growth occurs at the matrix, which is the root of the nail. As the matrix makes new cells, old dead ones are pushed together and up through the skin, which creates the nail plate. The nail plate, which is made up of the dead keratin cells, helps to protect the sensitive nail bed underneath.

How Fast Do Nails Grow?

If you have ever broken a nail, you know it can be a painfully slow process to grow it back. That’s because fingernails only grow approximately 2-3 millimeters per month, while toenails grow at a slower rate of 1 millimeter per month. Since fingernails are closer to the heart, the amount of blood flow to the hand is greater than the foot, causing a faster turnover of cells. This is also the reason why nails tend to grow faster in the warmer weather, when blood circulation increases.
Interestingly, nails grow faster on your dominant hand, so if you are right-handed, your nails will grow slightly faster per month. Blood circulation is usually greater on the dominant hand, which encourages nail growth. The middle finger usually grows the fastest, while the pinky finger grows the slowest.

What Affects Nail Growth?

Age: Age is one of the factors that affect how quickly your nails grow. The rate at which nails grow varies by a person’s age, and will change throughout life. Nail growth is fastest in children younger than 15, and tends to slow as we get older.
Overall Health: Nails are a good indicator of your overall health and wellbeing. Being unhealthy can cause your nail growth rate to slow, just as some diseases cause nails to become thick, ridged, brittle, or yellow. For example, someone with poor circulation will have slow-growing nails. With conditions such as malnutrition or a severe illness, the nail’s matrix decreases the rate of cell turnover, slowing the rate of growth.
Hormones: According to the American Academy of Dermatology, a hormone imbalance can result in slower-growing nails. However, hormones can also cause nails to grow more quickly, for example, during pregnancy.
Diet: Eating a balanced diet with a mix of vitamins, nutrients, and protein might not necessarily make your nails grow much faster, but it will create a healthy nail that is less prone to breakage.
Water Intake: Dehydration can result in dry, brittle nails so staying well-hydrated is important for healthy nails.
Climate: You may have noticed that your nails grow faster in the summer months. That is because nail growth speeds up in warmer temperatures and nails grow faster in daytime than at night.
Biotin: Some believe that biotin (also known as vitamin H), which is a coenzyme and b vitamin that helps the body convert food into energy, helps support nail health and growth. Biotin can be found in foods such as egg yolks, nuts, legumes, and whole grains, and is also available as a supplement.

How Can You Make Your Nails Grow Faster?

You might be eating well, drinking enough water, and in general good health, but still find that your nail growth is too slow for your liking. If you would like your nails to grow fast, using a nail growth treatment may be a solution. Products such as a nail growth polish can help to strengthen and enhance nail health and stimulate faster growth.

Rejuvacote 2, made by duri Cosmetics, is a best-seller in the nail care polish industry. This nail growth treatment contains a proprietary blend that includes keratin and calcium to heal split, weak, and brittle nails so they can grow long and strong. Rejuvacote 2 does not contain formaldehyde or toluene and is DBP-free so you can feel confident you are using a safe and effective nail care polish that will enhance nail health and promote growth. You can order yours today at

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