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SOS For Nails: Can You Make Your Nails Grow Faster?

I wouldn’t say I do a lot of gardening, but in the spring, I really have to get in there and get things ready for the coming months. After a hard day’s work, I was standing there admiring the fruits of my labor and then stretched my hand out in front of me so I could also admire what is usually, if not a well manicured, then at least a neat and presentable set of nails. My nails were not only lacking their usual standard of presentability…they were breaking! Nails chipped, brittle and dirt embedded underneath layers of nails …and then I remembered my cousin Stacey’s wedding. That was coming up in only 2 weeks! I couldn’t go with my nails looking like this! I had to think of something, and fast!

Away I went to my computer desperate to find something to promote fast nail growth, the omnipotent cure for my unsightly digits. False nails were not an option. In this condition, my nails would never be able to support acrylics or gels. They would only end up in a worse state than they already were in!

Moisturizing seemed like a good option. I read about how coconut oil, Vaseline, olive oil and home moisturizers were all things that might promote fast nail growth. I knew that by providing moisture to my nails, I could prevent them from drying out and breaking even further. However, this seemed like more of a maintenance step for those who already had nice looking nails while my nails were so far gone! Would moisturizer help me?
With hope for the best, I rubbed some moisturizing home remedies into my nails and, although my nails did seem to appear a bit less dry, I doubted whether this would actually help someone as far gone as I was. Desperately I continued my search for a nail growth treatment.
Reading on, I found many more tips that promote nail health and might keep nails healthy and strong. I read how some dietary supplements can keep nails healthier, preventing breakage. Biotin was recommended. Biotin is taken as a supplement and, after accumulating in your system over time, it can result in not only healthier nails, but also skin and hair.

Rubbing things like orange juice and lemon juice into nails can also be helpful as the vitamin C found in these can make nails healthier. Vitamins from a healthy diet can be good for nails as well. However, again, I didn’t have the time to take these products and allow them to accumulate in my system. I needed help fast!

As I continued to browse, I found more helpful hints on nail maintenance. How using strengthening polishes, and how filing your nails properly could help in the prevention of breakage, how to avoid the use of harsh products on your nails and to refrain from biting them. I was also warned to stay away from activities which might lead to nail breakage…I almost laughed out loud at the irony of that one! But no, again, I needed more than maintenance, I needed something that would get my nails to a place where they were no longer cringe worthy.

I started thinking that an effective nail growth product might be my best option. I looked at different products and many of them looked like they could be helpful in nail growth treatment. Some advertised that they could heal cracked and split nails (Yes! Just what I needed!). Some said they could stimulate nail growth and strengthen the nail to protect against further damage and splitting.

I ended up going with a nail care polish base coat called Rejuvacote. I liked it not only because this base and top coat system had great reviews, but also it was reasonably priced (not too expensive that I couldn’t afford it, but not so inexpensive that I doubted its effectiveness). I also liked that it had natural materials like soy and wheat protein. As a base coat and top coat, it was easy to use and offered the results I wanted in the time frame I was looking at. It also got good reviews on the internet.

By the time I got to Stacy’s wedding, my fingernails had grown to a decent length. They weren’t long, but at they had gotten to a point where they look stylish. The skin under my fingers was no longer exposed, and with a bit of polish, I don’t think anyone would have guessed what they looked like just a couple of weeks ago. And it’s a good thing, because when one of the groom’s men took my hand to kiss it, I wasn’t tempted to pull it away. He even ended up giving me his number…so I guess I got the digits I wanted in more ways than one!

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