Hottest Summer Wedding Polish Picks

Summer is here and so is wedding season! Stats say the majority wedding dates fall on hot summer days.
Warm weather wedding planning can be hectic and somewhat stressful, especially if you are holding your wedding outdoors. Unless you have a wedding planner to see to all the details, you can expect to be busy every day, right up to the ceremony.
But wedding planning should not be all work and no play! Set aside a spa day to recharge and have fun, while at the same time exploring your wedding nail color options. Here are a few tips to consider when selecting the perfect shade for your wedding day:

  • Try several shades. Duri has a variety of beautiful nail polish colors for brides, from creamy pastels to classy nudes and French manicure essentials. Sample a variety of cool colors and tantalizing textures from Duri’s Nail Polish and Durilaq lines, to get a magnificent mani that lasts from your wedding day through your honeymoon.
  • Pretest multiple colors in advance. Depending on your mood, the shade you loved a week ago may seem dull and boring today. If you are struggling to decide between two perfect colors, try wearing two shades at once, one on each hand, to help you choose the perfect nail color for your wedding.
  • Consider your skin shade on “The Day.” Some couples choose to go on their honeymoon first and then return for the reception. If you get a tan – adjust your bridal nail color! That beautiful barely-there nude shade may look pasty-white if you’ve just returned from Bali.
  • Dress matters. Depending on the detailing, fabric, texture and color of your gown, different bridal nail polish shades may look more appropriate. With a smooth classic simple white dress, opt for coral and pinky hues. If your wedding gown boasts fluttery lace and shiny beads, you are better off with a sheer nude or sheer blush shade.
  • Steer clear of experiments. If you have never tried glue-ons or gel polish, your wedding day is no time to experiment. Be true to yourself when choosing the best nail polish for your wedding.
  • Bring on the TLC. Hand care is the place to try new things. If you have never used a nourishing hand treatment, now is the time. Slather on a generous portion of hand cream morning, noon and night. When you see those hand-in-hand close-ups, you’ll be glad you did!
  • Wait until the last minute. No matter how busy you are the day before your wedding, spare a few moments to have your nails done. It will give you a chance to relax and get pampered, and spare you the risk of chipped or peeling polish.
  • Think about your overall wedding theme: Your hair, gown, bouquet, and headpiece should dictate your nail color. Whether your theme is classic, rustic, modern, glamorous, of bohemian – Duri has the perfect shade of nail color for your wedding!

For perfect wedding nail polish colors, try Duri’s Wedding Vows, Bridal Bells, Daddy’s Girl and Happily Ever After!

Duri has the very best nail polish for brides. Explore, experiment and rethink your nail shade ahead of time, and you will find the perfect shade for your special day. And do make sure to hide a touch up bottle of polish in your bridesmaid’s purse!

Wishing you a beautiful chip-free wedding!

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