Find yourself with a trip on the Urban Retreat by duri

After a cold & unpredictable Winter, it’s time to welcome Spring & what better way than to spruce up our wardrobe & dress up our fingernails with a brand new & beautiful Spring 2017 collection by duri called ‘Urban Retreat’.  A splendid array of 12 brand new Spring ready colors that are indicative of exploration, renewal, & creating new experiences by running away to the place where all the magic happens; the city.

When you think city, you think concrete jungle or a challenging place to live.  But the city is full of color & life!  The people of the city are beautifully busy & guide our sense of style.  So Let’s take a trip on the Urban Retreat.

Many of us know that there is a surge in health conscious ways of life, more & more people are living a healthier lifestyle; yoga, meditation, exercise, & herbal therapy. This part of the collection has serene colors that speak to the soul.  Herbal Lounge is a calm, light grey that is soothing to the mind & soul.  Whether you’re going to meditate or need to have a business meeting in the morning, this polish has a hint of grey for a calm & clean look. Highline is an earthy green tone that allows us to connect with nature & ourselves.  

I love this name because New York City has the Highline where we explore up high & just rediscover the beauty of our city & ourselves.  Hip Haven is a sensual lavender/grey polish that soothes the noise of distraction, & Yoga girl (love this name) is a light taupey hue that relaxes the mind.  Whether you are doing yoga or taking a walk in Central Park it’s a perfect earth tone for those of us who just want to feel the calm.  

Totally Hip is a beautiful purple/gray hue almost like a purple concrete.  Just take the day to unwind & feel hip with this beautiful color.  One of my favorites is Mad About Zen, this beautiful blue just reminds me of an ocean & sky picture perfect day, where relaxation is your goal. This color will make you smile & it may even get you in the mood to go see some art.  Gotta love those museums, bringing us appreciation of artists & enlightenment of the mind & soul.

The other half of the collection speaks to a different set of experiences that we often want to have.  If you’re a Brooklyn girl like me, you’re most likely going to want to make a statement with your wardrobe & your nails.  City Slicker is perfect for that.  What a luscious red with a hint of orange;  Style central girls!  Pair it with a gorgeous lipstick to match & you’ll stop those cabs without even blinking.  If you’re looking to show off your fun side, you may choose to wear Urbanesque, a softer, more playful side of fuschia.  No matter what color palette you are sporting that day, this amazing dark pink will only compliment it.

Many ladies love a sweet yet not too overpowering pink to compliment their nails & wardrobe.  Sometimes we just need a little bit of color to feel pretty & feminine.  Soulmates is a wonderful match.  It reminds me of strawberry milk; sweet & smooth.   

Out’ n About is a beautiful, calm nude with a hint of pink.  Feeling sexy doesn’t always mean loud.  With all of the parties & weddings we attend, sometimes we just need a clean & sophisticated set of nails.  Sometimes the dress needs to be talked about too.  

Forces of the City is a sensual taupe with an orange hue.  This color is for those moments when you want sophistication & style while running around the city to meet your friends to go see a show or have lunch at a splendid cafe.  

Brooklynite is a very different type of color.  It is not only a play on words but a play on what we experience in the city.  Brooklyn is a busy city with many restaurants & lights.  Right on the ocean, the magical sparkles from the sunlight or moonlight reflecting on the water.  

Walking on the boardwalk in Coney Island or walking by the water at the Verrazano bridge, the experiences are renewing & enlightening.  This color is light & free.  A buttery yellow that is delicious & different.  Every experience should be as such.

No matter where you live & what lifestyle you have, every experience & emotion can be found in Urban Retreat.  After seeing & trying on this spectacular collection, all I can say is ‘I can’t wait for Spring!!!’

 by Marina Kutz


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