Express Yourself with Duri Nail Colors!

What does your nail color say about you? If you are like most women, your moods change from day to day. On Monday you may be all business and ready to conquer the world, but by Friday you may be ready to let your hair down and give the world a glimpse of your wild side.

So what does your nail color tell the world about you?


Pure Red to Oh My Rouge

Red is considered the iconic nail color, and that is not surprising…its use dates back to ancient Egypt, where red nails signified nobility. In modern times, after the birth of Technicolor in 1922, Rita Hayworth’s red nails started a fashion craze that continues to this day. No matter what your mood, red is classic, and tells the world you are a class act!

Au Moment to Mallorca Mauve

Feeling flirty? Bring out your girly-girl to play with shades of pink. You will feel more feminine just looking at your nails! Pair them up with a floaty floral dress, or be ironic and wear all black…either way, pink nails say girl-time!

Trending in NY to Yoga Girl

Nudes are chic, polished and no-nonsense. They tell the world you are in it to win it, on your own terms. From job interviews to meeting the in-laws to board meetings, no one can find fault in your flawless taste. To leave a lasting impression of impeccable presence, go nude!

Tsunami to Blueberry Daiquiri

Hues of blue convey honesty, tranquility and loyalty. Whether you want to build trust with your coworkers or take your love interest to a new level, blue is your go-to color. And nothing sets off a diamond like blue!

Lost in Elegance to Totally Hip

What do you get when you mix blue’s serenity and red’s fire? You get luxury, grandeur, wealth and dignity. Shades of purple tell the world that you are on your way to bigger and better things, and no one had better stand in your way. Wear purple when you want to be noticed!


London Calling to Arctic Circle

Chic, trendy and understated, gray makes its own fashion statement. Wear gray when you want to remind the world that you are no slouch when it comes to accessorizing. Paired with black, white or navy, gray nails convey confidence and power!

No matter what you wear, nail polish is the ultimate fashion accessory. It tells the world you love and care about yourself, and you pay attention to details. Whatever message you want to send to the world, Duri has a nail color for that!

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