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Dos and Don’ts for Long Strong Sexy Nails

Personal grooming is a fundamental part of a busy successful life, yet there are only so many hours in a day. In the interest of saving time, you may find yourself taking shortcuts in your personal beauty routine. In the process, your nails may be neglected and abused to the point where they become brittle, dry and unsightly.

If you find yourself hiding your hands in public and drooling with envy when you see someone with long sexy nails, it may be time to regroup and rethink your nail care routine. Consistently following a few dos and don’ts on a daily basis can help you quickly go from dying nails to nails to die for.

Do: Eat a diet rich in protein, calcium, keratin and biotin

Your nails are made up of mostly protein, supported by other nutrients that help new nail cells grow. Keratin is the primary protein that makes up nail cells. Calcium is an important mineral that gives strength to the rigid structures in your body, like bones, teeth and nails. Biotin contributes to nail strength and keeps your nails from drying out. Top foods for nail health: Eggs, salmon, beans, spinach, dairy, blueberries, almonds and beer.

Don’t: Eat empty calories

Processed foods and snacks contain tons of empty calories with very little nutritional value.

Not only will they leave your nails weak, dry and depleted, they will make you sick, fat and depressed. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store, sticking with whole fresh foods with no added chemicals or hormones.

Do: Drink plenty of pure filtered water

Your body needs two to three liters of water daily to function at its best. When you are dehydrated, your body shunts water to your internal organs and away from your hair, skin and nails, leaving them dry, weak and brittle.

Don’t: Drink soft drinks, sweetened coffee drinks and juices

Like processed food, sugary beverages contain tons of calories and little nutritional value. When you consume sugar in liquid form, it is quickly absorbed into your blood stream, putting you at risk for Type II Diabetes, which is a major cause of dry splitting nails.

Do: Use the Proper Tool for Every Job

Scissors, screw drivers, staple removers and other tools were invented to help us work more efficiently.

Taking shortcuts by using your nails as tools is setting them up for weakness and breakage. If you really want long healthy nails, use the proper tool for every job.

Don’t: Pick at peeling nail polish Duri’s Rejuvacote

Once your polish gets chipped, it is tempting to just bite or pick at it until it is completely gone. But in doing so, you are damaging the top surface of your nails, weakening them and causing ridges.

If chipped polish drives you nuts, keep some nail polish remover and cotton balls nearby to remove the temptation to pick. Prevent chipping by using a nourishing and strengthening nail treatment product, like Duri’s Rejuvacote, as a top coat for your mani.

Do: Protect your nails when submerging them in water

Too much exposure to water, especially when it contains detergent, will dry out your nails in no time flat. Keep a supply of latex gloves on hand for scrubbing pots, washing the car and bathing the dog.

Before you slip them on, treat your cuticles to a dose of Duri’s Herbatherapy to give your nails a spa treatment while you work.

And finally, Do use Duri’s Rejuvacote as both your base coat and your top coat to nourish, protect and promote the growth of long strong sexy nails!

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