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Can You Ever Grow Long Glamorous Nails? Of Course You Can!

For many of us who work hard and play harder, having long nails sometimes seems like a pipe dream. But the truth is you may not be doing all you can to make your dream of long nails come true. Just like a fit healthy body or luscious long hair, it takes time, effort and a lot of TLC to grow healthy strong nails that do not easily break.

Are weak nails genetic?

There is definitely a genetic component to the thickness of your nails, which are made up of layers of the protein keratin. However, thickness alone is not the only factor to consider. Even thick nails can become dry and brittle if they are neglected, abused and undernourished. Healthy cells need strong nutritional support. A low fat, low protein diet does not provide the nutrients you need for moist strong healthy nails. If you shun fats and proteins in your diet, chances are your skin and hair are suffering too!

All that being said, genetics does play a role in the shape of your nails. If your nails grow out relatively flat, with little curve across the blade, the edges may snag more easily than nails that are more rounded. If your nails are flat, file them slightly rounded at the tips, rather than square, to reduce snagging and breakage.

Cultivating mindfulness can help your nails grow.

Modern lifestyles are filled with non-stop activities, and we are always planning ahead to the next thing. In our busy-ness, it is easy to neglect our own needs. Before we know it, time has taken a toll due to our neglect. Poor posture, wrinkled skin, weak muscles and weight gain creep up over time, and so do brittle broken nails.

Be mindful of how you use your hands throughout the day. Do you nibble at your nails or cuticles when you get stressed? Do you abuse your nails by using them to remove staples, open cans, or tear packaging, when there are tools made for those jobs? To stay mindful about your nails, take a few minutes each day to visualize yourself with long, beautiful nails. Find an image of the nails you wish you had, and post it where you see it often. If you work on the computer all day, make it your screen saver!

Create new habits that lead to healthy nails.

Make nail care a part of your daily routine. It only takes a few minutes each day to cultivate long, strong healthy nails.

  • Keep a bottle of Duri’s Herbatherapy or French Herbs Cuticle Oil at your desk or by the sink, and apply it after every hand washing.
  • Use only natural soap without detergents. Keep some in your purse or at your desk to use in public restrooms.
  • Wear protective gloves for chores like scrubbing dishes, bathing the dog or washing the car. Apply French Herbs Cuticle Oil before slipping on your gloves to give your nails a mini spa treatment while you work.
  • Do not neglect a broken or chipped nail. Trim and file it right away to prevent further breakage. Keep a manicure set in your purse.
  • Protect your nails from chipping while at the same time strengthening them by applying Duri’s Rejuvacote nail treatment on a regular basis.

Finally, ask yourself, do you really want long nails?

Long nails are a fashion statement that denotes glamor and style, but growing them and maintaining them may not suit your lifestyle. If you engage in sports, have small children, love gardening, or work with your hands, long nails can get in the way. Your nails can be just as beautiful at a shorter length. The same rules of care apply for strong healthy nails, and applying the right shade of Duri Nail Polish can make short nails just as dramatic and glamorous as long nails.

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