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Back to School Means Back to Fashion: Let Your Nails Point the Way!

No matter how much fun you had over the summer, back to school means back to friends and fashion. Time to leave behind your sun-bleach cutoffs and neon nails, and fall forward with more textured, richer hues in clothing and nail colors.

Move to the head of the class with rich reds! Red nails are classic, but add a little scandal by taking them blood deep. Even when you’re dressed down in jeans and a Tee, your vampire red nails will scream fashionista! To get everyone’s blood pumping, try Duri polish colors Parisien Tango, Oh My Rouge, Jackpot, and Mini Dress.

Push the boundaries with beautiful blues! When it comes to nails, blue is a stand-out color that rings true. Pair it with denim, or work it with a flirty floral dress. Then just sit back and let the compliments roll in! For you best bets in blue, try Devil Wears Duri, Blueberry Daiquiri, Mad About Zen and Blue Cake Cap.

Go deep with purple! Purple is a bold royal color that blends great with the earth tones of autumn. Duri has you covered with Totally Hip, Encore, Posh and What a Keeper.

Be Brazen with Browns and Bronze! Mother earth is the ultimate trend setter with her seasonal fashion hues, and nothing says fall like bronze. Go bold with Duri Irish Coffee, Incognito or Choco Silk Pie. Or be brazen with Flambe Orange, Dirty Dancing and Forbidden Kiss.

Glam it up with glitter and gemstones! Glittery polish and shiny studs make a bold fashion statement that won’t soon be forgotten. Try bold and daring shades like Arctic Circle, Indulge My Whim, Midnight Blues or All That Glitters.

Show your school spirit! When it comes to rocking your school colors, don’t hold back! Nail art with your colors in bold stripes, or even an image of your school mascot will speak volumes and get you noticed! Go team!

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Long and strong is never wrong! Long strong healthy nails are always in fashion. Duri nail care products like Rejuvacote 1 & 2 can help you grow your nails to lustrous lengths. Acrylics and gels can make your nails thin dry and brittle. Why not set your own fashion trend with natural nails you can be proud of?

The nail care specialists at Duri are devoted to healthy nails and beautiful fashion-forward polish colors. Enjoy Duri nail products for long lasting rich color that makes your mani your best fashion accessory.

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