6 Common Nail Care Mistakes

Nail polish can add fun and glamor to your look, making it an essential fashion accessory. But unless your polish is done to perfection, it can become a fashion disaster that takes away from the image you worked so hard to create. There are a few common mistakes people make that undermine a mani, but they can be easily fixed with a few simple changes.

  1. Doing it Dirty: Painting your nails on the go or while at your desk may seem like a great time-saving strategy, but even if your hands look clean, your nails are constantly exposed to dust, dirt and grime. Applying polish to dirty nails virtually guarantees chipping and peeling. A quick swipe of rubbing alcohol removes dirt and oils to give you a clean palette.
  2. Bypassing a Base Coat: Another common strategy for saving time and money, skipping the base coat will give you the same result as painting dirty nails. Your nails have natural oils to which polish does not adhere. A base coat lays a foundation, just like using a primer to paint a wall. Your polish will last longer, and your nails will have a protective coat beneath the color.
  3. Clipping Cuticles: Your cuticles provide a protective shield for new nail growth. Clipping them creates micro cuts that can become infected and can easily snag, creating unsightly hang nails. Instead, get into the habit of pushing your cuticles back with a towel after your bath or shower. Doing so will exfoliate dead skin cells, creating soft attractive cuticles that maintain their protective function.
  4. Laying It on Thick: Applying a thick coat of color can save you the time and trouble of doing two coats, right? WRONG! Thin coats dry faster, saving you time while preventing nicks and smudges. Globbed-on polish looks sloppy and will peel more quickly that two or more carefully applied thin coats.
  5. Ditching the Top Coat: Yet another time-saving strategy, forgoing a top coat may reduce drying time. However, a top coat provides shine and gives color a protective shield to prevent chipping and peeling. A slow-drying top coat adds a hard protective finish that makes your mani last.
  6. Shaking Up Bubbles: Shaking your polish bottle, especially if it’s only partially full, creates air bubbles that get trapped in the color. Bubbles in turn can ruin your polish, creating weak spots that will eventually cause chipping and peeling. To blend color, roll the bottle across your palm instead of vigorous shaking.

Like any fashion accessory, nail polish can really enhance your look. However, taking short cuts to save time and money can turn a fashion accent into a fashion accident. Duri’s line of superb nail care products and beautiful colors has everything you need to make your mani magnificent. Duri transforms dying nails into nails to die for!

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